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Bingo! We have our winners! Congratulations!
You have won…
A Pizza.
A Yummy Pizza.
An Organic & Healthy Yummy Pizza.
A Free Organic, Healthy & Yummy Pizza. 
A Cheesy, Free, Organic, Healthy & Yummy Pizza.
Isn’t it really mouth-watering? 

But before we announce our winners, we like to thank you all for your participation & interest. 
About to destroy your computer/phone screen?
It’s about Pizza…
A Freedom Pizza. 
Maybe we’re just too excited to announce!

See the list below for our winners:

Pre-Competition Contest Winner:
Soniya Ailani (Facebook)

Oscar Cawley (@zyzz3992)
Jamsheena shihab (@Jamsheen901)

Noora Ashraf (ashrafnoora)
MarsniraJ (marsniraj)

Faiza Abdullah Durvesh 
Mary-Jane Jansen van Rensburg
Jimmy Santosh
Jovelle Galang Flores
Istuti Bhatia

Winners: Get in touch with us at or to get instructions on claiming your prize.

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