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Winner Announced!!!

Thanks to all the enthusiastic participants for making this contest a success. We definitely have some awesome followers on our social channels :)

Based on a random selection and under strong influence of our morning coffee, we are glad to announce that Sheetal Kaliya is our lucky winner to get 2 free tickets to Holi Hai 2016 Beach Party.

We wish the winner a good time at the event and hope for others to win next time. However, you can still buy your discounted tickets to Holi Hai 2016 here: http://www.hitthedeals.com/dubai/today-s-deal/holi-hai-2016.html


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Attn: Winner-

Congratulations, you’ve won two tickets to Holi Hai 2016 Beach Party in our Facebook contest!

To claim your prize, please follow these simple steps:

  • Send us your mailing address to receive your prize
  • This one is totally optional, but if you’re excited about winning, we’d love for you to share your win with our Fans and Followers by sending us your picture/video after receiving the gift so to motivate other participants!


If you have any questions, just message us back anytime – We’re happy to help unless it’s our lunch time :)